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Certification in Sports & Entertainment Law

Started May 28, 2023

$2,850 Enroll

Full program description

The Certification in Sports & Entertainment Law is for professionals and business owners who need to learn topics such as:

  • The rules, regulations, and governing bodies of sports agents in different sports.
  • The business and legal issues relating to sport organizations.
  • Types of lotteries and gambling permitted in Florida.
  • The concepts of intellectual property, contracts, and merchandising and how they intersect in the entertainment space.

You will learn from elite lawyers therby gaining real, practical knowledge that will help you and your organization.

What You Need to Know About Sports & Entertainment Law

A monumental shift affected the collegiate sports landscape in 2021 with the introduction of student-athletes being able to profit off of their Name, Image, and Likeness.  These new changes make it crucial to know and understand employment laws, intellectual property laws, contract laws, and antitrust laws when representing athletes or regarding sport organizations.  With the expansion of the gambling market in Florida, it is crucial to understand the legalities of conducting gambling activities and lotteries in Florida. 

What a Certification Does For You

After completing the Certification, you will have the skills necessary to advance your career in the sports and entertainment industries.  You will be familiar with the business and legal aspects of the industry and be able to succeed in the highly competitive sports and entertainment market. 

***You have 2 years to complete all the courses required for the Certification***