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Sport Business and the Law


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Full course description

Instructors:  Ben Odom, NASCAR and Kelsey Copeland, LPGA

Click Here to watch an introduction video from the instructors.

Course Overview

Curious about the intersection of law, business, and sports?  Acquire a synopsis of sport organizations and the business issues they face.  The ability to spot legal issues as they apply to business and sports will improve.  Recognize the law's role in the day-to-day business of sport.

Who Should Enroll

Any professional working within a sport organization who desires to learn more about the legal issues within sports business; or any professional that desires a transition into a sport business profession.  Individuals interested in the actual business activities that make a sport happen should also enroll.

Topics Covered

  • Course Introduction and Sports Entity Organization Foundations
  • Intellectual Property and Sponsorship/Advertising
  • Antitrust and Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • Sports Betting, Gambling, and Gaming
  • Media Rights in Sports
  • Athletes and their Eligibility and Course Wrap-Up

Available Credits

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